Updated information on private building consent authority registration

Posted: 30 May 2019

MBIE has recently updated the information available on how a private entity can demonstrate they meet the requirements to become a building consent authority (BCA).

BCAs play a critical role as co-regulators in the building system

As the central regulator of the building system, MBIE’s role is to ensure the buildings New Zealanders use are safe, healthy and durable. As part of this, MBIE is responsible for determining the suitability and integrity of those who will be performing building control work.

In performing their building control work, BCAs must ensure that other participants in the building sector comply with relevant rules and standards. MBIE will therefore apply an appropriate and robust assessment of applications for registration as a BCA to ensure applicants are suitable for this co-regulator role.

Requirements for private BCAs

Currently all BCAs are councils, with the exception of Consentium – a division of Kāinga Ora, which is a private BCA.

As well as gaining accreditation from IANZ, to be registered as a private BCA an organisation must be able to demonstrate to MBIE that it:

  • meets a 'fit and proper person' test (including requirements for impartiality and independence), and
  • has adequate means to ensure consumer protection in the case of an act or omission by the BCA.

The BCA accreditation and Registering to become a BCA website pages have more information about the accreditation and registration processes. 

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