2022 Building Code Updates

Posted: 13 December 2022

building code 2022 update
We know that 2022 has been a busy time for building and construction. Here are some of the key points from the Building Code updates this year that we wanted to make sure you are up to date with.

In May 2022 we opened a consultation on changes for plumbing and drainage, protection from fire and structural stability of hollow-core floors.

Read the Building Code 2022 proposal documents - mbie.govt.nz

This consultation closed on 1 July 2022 and received over 100 detailed submissions and comments.

The proposal that received the most interest was the changes to protection from fire for residential buildings with 58 submissions and over 100 pages of comments on the proposal. The plumbing and drainage proposals for both lead in plumbing products and water temperatures also received a significant number of responses.

Decisions on lead in plumbing products and hollow-core floors

The Building Performance team have made decisions on two parts of the proposed changes to the Building Code - lead in plumbing products, and the structural stability of hollow-core floors.

Read the summary of the decisions on lead in plumbing products and the structural stability of hollow-core floors 

Decision on other proposals

Due to the breadth of in-depth submissions received for the 2022 consultations, we will announce the remaining decisions prior to publishing the Building Code acceptable solutions and verification methods in November 2023. This additional time is required to thoroughly work through the submissions and ensure all points of view are considered. This timeframe will also allow us to prepare the necessary supporting educational material such as guidance documents, learning modules and webinars to help you adjust to the changes.

Stay up to date with Building Code updates

We know that there have been a lot of different things to get up to speed with, but we are committed to working alongside the building and construction sector to ensure successful implementation of these important changes.

You can find out about consultations on changes to the building code, acceptable solutions and verification methods, and stay up to date with changes when they come into effect by subscribing to building code updates. 

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