New regulations for building products

Posted: 9 June 2022

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New regulations have been made by the Government to ensure a minimum level of information is provided about designated building products, increasing confidence in their use, and supporting better and more efficient decision making.

The new regulations for building products mean that certain information is required to be provided publicly by building product manufacturers and importers. Retailers and distributors will then need to check that the required information is available for the designated building products they sell or distribute.

The regulations will make it easier for designers, builders and homeowners to decide which products are right for the job, use them as intended, and make decisions about alternative products where there are product shortages. They will also help building consent authorities with more efficient consenting, as they will have the right information readily available to check that building products included in plans and specifications meet their applicable Building Code performance requirements.

Manufacturers, importers, retailers, and distributors have 18 months to prepare to meet their obligations, before the regulations apply to designated building products manufactured in, or imported, into New Zealand, on or after, 11 December 2023.

Information must be published and maintained on an internet site that is publicly available.

Information requirements to be displayed online include:

  • the name and a description of the product (or product line from which the product is customised) and its intended use
  • a product identifier (in most circumstances)
  • the legal and trading name of manufacturers and, if applicable, importers
  • a statement specifying the relevant clauses of the Building Code and how the product is expected to contribute to compliance, as well as any limitations on the use of the product
  • any design, installation and maintenance requirements
  • either a statement that the product is not subject to any warnings or bans or a description of warnings or bans applicable to the product.

MBIE has further information available to help manufacturers, importers, retailers, and distributors with their responsibilities.

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