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Introduction to medium-density housing

This section provides a starting point for developers, builders and project managers who are interested in getting involved with medium-density housing (MDH). It sets out some of the issues you will need to consider when planning an MDH project, identifies the key specialists you’ll need to work with to ensure compliance with the Building Code, and provides several case studies.

Getting started

Case studies

The following case studies illustrate how the various specialist roles can work together during the development of an MDH project to ensure compliance with the Building Code. Each case study focuses on one of the three main categories within the BRANZ Ltd definition of MDH:

• 1–2-storey attached houses (e.g. duplexes, triplexes, semi-attached terraced houses)
• 2–4-storey attached houses (terraced houses)
• 3–6-storey apartments

These case studies are designed to highlight some of the key issues that will need to be considered during the design process to ensure compliance with the Building Code. They are not intended to provide comprehensive guidance on all Building Code requirements.

This information is published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Chief Executive. It is a general guide only and, if used, does not relieve any person of the obligation to consider any matter to which the information relates according to the circumstances of the particular case. Expert advice may be required in specific circumstances. Where this information relates to assisting people: