Priority work programmes

A brief overview of the priority work programmes within the MBIE Building System Performance branch.

Building Code Update Programme

The Building Code Update Programme helps ensure the effective management of the New Zealand Building Code and related documents. This programme of work includes updates to the Building Code regulations, Acceptable Solutions, Verification Methods and published guidance information.

Learn more about the Building Code Update Programme.

Building for Climate Change Programme

The Building for Climate Change Programme is a long-term project aimed to deliver the Building and Construction Sectors' contribution to New Zealand's emissions reduction targets. This programme will influence the way we build our homes and workplaces and is responsible for guiding the sector through the transformation process.

Learn more about the Building for Climate Change Programme.

Building Law Reform Programme

The Building Law Reform Programme is a phased programme aimed to lift the performance of the regulatory system and drive better outcomes for the sector and New Zealanders. The reform includes changes to the Building Amendments Bill and Occupational Regulation, in an effort to make the building system more efficient, lift the quality of building work, and provide fairer outcomes if things go wrong.

Learn more about the Building Law Reform Programme.

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