Building System law reforms update

Posted: 2 November 2021

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On 1 November 2021, Cabinet agreed to the policy proposals which MBIE has developed for the Building (Building Products and Methods, Modular Components, and Other Matters) Amendment Act (2021/21).

These changes support greater opportunity for innovation and economies of scale, and improve trust and confidence in the building sector. With these changes we aim to:

  • introduce minimum information requirements about building products to support better and more efficient decision-making
  • introduce a specialist framework for modern methods of construction such as offsite manufacturing and prefabrication and speed up the consenting process
  • strengthen the product certification framework (CodeMark) to improve trust and confidence in the scheme.

Based on this decision, it now means that regulations can begin development and we expect these to be approved by mid-2022.

Find out more about these building law reforms.

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