Building Performance Learning Centre

Last updated: 30 March 2023

Make sure your building system knowledge is up to date with MBIE’s free online education modules.

MBIE's Building Performance Learning centre has a wide range of free learning modules designed to help people from all over the sector improve their knowledge across different building-related topics.

These learning modules are suitable for building sector professionals, homeowners and building consent authorities. They cover a number of topics and are suitable for a range of knowledge levels.

The range of Building Performance learning modules include:

  • A primer to New Zealand’s building regulatory system, looking at the Building Act, building performance requirements and consenting.
  • The "identify, assess, decide, apply" process for earthquake-prone buildings, as well as a module specifically for owners of earthquake prone buildings.
  • Geotechnical engineering, including modules on liquefaction, rockfall and earthquake resistant foundation design.
  • Managing Building in an Emergency, including modules on legal responsibilities, readiness, risk reduction and area designations.
  • Understand how to apply Building Code clauses C Protection from fire, A1 General Provisions, H1 Energy Efficiency and G7 Natural Light.
  • Guidance for dam owners to understand the 2022 dam safety regulations
  • An overview of the Licenced Building Practitioner code of ethics.

Our courses are free to use are open to all. If you wish to record your learning or complete the assessments, please create an account.

Building Performance Learning Centre

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