BuiltReady accreditation body open to applications

Posted: 30 November 2023

BuiltReady accreditation
JASANZ are now taking applications for BuiltReady accreditation from certification bodies.

The joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JASANZ) are the modular component manufacturer certification accreditation body. JASANZ are responsible for:

  • assessing, accrediting, and monitoring product certification bodies
  • suspending and revoking accreditation if required.

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Applications for accreditation are now open to certification bodies. The Endorsed Scheme Register from JAZANZ covers further information regarding the BuiltReady scheme including certification and accreditation standards.

Endorsed Scheme Register - jasanz.org

All applications for accreditation should be sent directly to JAZANZ - applications@jasanz.org.

Once there is an accredited and registered certification body the scheme will be open to application from manufacturers. MBIE expects that manufacturers will be able to apply to join the scheme in early 2024.

Contact the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) for other BuiltReady related questions - BuiltReady@mbie.govt.nz

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