BEAL CodeMark product certification body accreditation revoked

Posted: 21 February 2019

Building Controls Update 245
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BEAL Certification Services Ltd is no longer a Product Certification Body for CodeMark New Zealand.

On 21 February 2019, JAS-ANZ issued a notice to revoke the accreditation of BEAL Certification Services Ltd (BCS) as a Product Certification Body (PCB).

BCS is no longer a PCB for CodeMark New Zealand and cannot in any capacity:

  • Accept or process any applications from product manufacturers or suppliers seeking CodeMark certification of a product
  • Manage any complaints about a CodeMark product certificate or the certified product
  • Undertake audits of a CodeMark product certificate or CodeMarked product
  • Revise, reissue or suspend any existing CodeMark product certificates.

CodeMark product certificates issued by BCS remain valid and can be accepted as evidence that the product complies with the New Zealand Building Code. Building consent authorities can rely on CodeMark certificates until such time a certificate is suspended or withdrawn.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is solely responsible for providing advice on the validity of the CodeMark product certificates that BCS has issued, and has started a review of all BCS-issued certificates.

Check the MBIE product certificate register to check the status of CodeMark certificates. The MBIE product certificate register is the only legally-recognised product certificate register. Other registers, including the BCS register, should not be relied upon.

View the MBIE Product certificate register

If you have a complaint or are concerned about the validity of a CodeMark product certificate that BCS has issued, please contact

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