National Adaptation Plan for climate change released

Posted: 4 August 2022

National adaption plan
The Government has released Aotearoa New Zealand's first National Adaptation Plan, which sets out the strategy and actions to respond to the risks presented by climate change.

The National Adaptation Plan responds to the National Climate Change Risk Assessment, released in 2020, which presents the best available evidence for a planned approach to addressing climate change risks. The National Adaptation Plan covers a six-year period, through to 2028 and future National Adaptation Plans will be built on similar timeframes.

Learn more about the National Adaptation Plan -

National Adaptation Plan and summary documents -

National Climate Change Risk Assessment -

What the plan means for the building and construction sector

We need to change how we do things so we can thrive in a different climate to the one we've had in the past. Some areas in New Zealand won't be suitable for building and decisions need to be made about how to limit damage to existing buildings. This will require some changes to the way the building and construction sector operates.

Over the next six years, the Building for Climate Change programme will lead the following actions in the National Adaptation Plan:

  • Develop a risk assessment and guidance to provide information for home and building owners to understand and plan for climate risks (Action 5.7, Chapter 5).
  • Develop a methodology for risk assessment specific to public buildings (Action 3.25, Chapter 3).
  • Use forward-looking climate data and modelling to update climate hazards in the Building Code and inform updates to the Building Code performance requirements (Action 7.4, Chapter 7). 
  • Manage potential impacts of adaptation related regulatory change (Action 7.6, Chapter 7).

We are working closely with Te Tūāpapa Kura Kāinga - Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to deliver the actions in the National Adaptation Plan.

Learn more about Te Tūāpapa Kura Kāinga - Ministry of Housing and Urban Development's actions that increase the resilience of homes, buildings and places -

Ensuring we're connected

The Building for Climate Change programme will work closely with the building and construction sector, and local government to deliver these actions and support the transition to resilient homes and buildings.

Where possible, our work will also align with the Emissions Reduction Plan.

Learn more about our work with the Emissions Reduction Plan

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