Section C5 'Concrete Buildings' proposed revision

Posted: 24 June 2019

MBIE’s Chief Engineering Partner Mike Kerr talks about Section C5 of the Engineering Assessment Guidelines.

Mike explains what the Red Book is, how the Yellow Chapter relates to it, and which guidelines should be used.

More detailed information on the Section C5 proposed revision is available on the Building.govt website.


Video transcript:

"The Red Book is the informal name known around the industry for the seismic assessment guidelines that were developed in 2017. And they form the methodology essentially for how you do an assessment under the earthquake-prone building Act. The Yellow Chapter is again the informal name that’s been adopted for some proposed changes to one of the chapters in the Red Book which represents the latest knowledge that has come out of, particularly the Stats House failure."

"At the moment, under the legislation, you are required to do the assessment under the Red Book. You may voluntarily be looking to get some more complete advice on your building, so you’ll talk to your engineer. They may look at the information, the percent NBS (New Building Standard) that came out of doing a Red Book assessment, but that would form only part of the advice. They will incorporate other good knowledge, new learnings and specifics about the building and also what you’re trying to achieve with your building long term. And the Yellow Chapter, more than likely, because it does represent new knowledge, the latest knowledge in this area, will form part of that advice."

"The Yellow Chapter represents the latest technical knowledge. And technical knowledge tracks ahead of legislation. So before it can be incorporated into legislation, we’ve got to actually test it to understand what its impacts are and any issues around its application. And so we’ve got Engineering NZ at the moment who are doing that testing. It’s early days, but when we understand, when we’ve got the results of that testing, and we understand what the implications are, we can then make a decision."

"There’s more information available on the Building.govt website, and also you can visit the Engineering NZ website and they’ve got further information there."

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