Forms for building maintenance management

Last updated: 15 March 2016

There are prescribed forms you must use to manage the safety of your building.

You will need to complete and submit the following forms to the council where required. They will help ensure you meet the responsibilities in relation to managing your building’s warrant of fitness and compliance schedule requirements.

Form 11: Application for amendment of compliance schedule

This form is used to formally advise the council of any change required to a compliance schedule.

Amendments to compliance schedules can tell you more information about making changes to your compliance schedules.

Form 12: Building warrant of fitness

This form is a written statement issued annually to the council. A copy is also publicly displayed in your building.

The building warrant of fitness is a declaration by the building owner, or their agent, that all the specified systems in the building have been inspected, maintained and reported in accordance with the compliance schedule for a period of 12 months prior to the issue date.

The warrant of fitness for a building must be prepared in accordance with this prescribed form.

Form 12A: Certificate of compliance with inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures

This form is used as proof that the inspection and maintenance procedures listed in the compliance schedule have been carried out.

The forms are issued by each independent qualified person (IQP) who undertakes inspection and maintenance of your building’s specified systems.

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