Owners’ responsibilities to ensure their buildings are safe to use

About this document

  • Published on 1 November 2010
  • Of interest to Building owners,
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-34342-7 (Print) / 978-0-479-34343-4 (Online)
  • 1st edition


If you own or manage a building that has installed specified systems, use this guide to help you understand and meet Building Act requirements related to building warrants of fitness and compliance schedules.


1. Purpose and introduction

2. The Building Act 2004

3. Explanation of terms

4. The responsibilities of building owners

5. Roadmap for three scenarios involving existing compliance schedules

6. How a Compliance schedule is developed

6.1 Applying for a building consent
6.2 Building consent issued
6.3 Building work completed and compliance schedule issued with the code compliance certificate

7. Building warrant of fitness process

7.1 Inspections and maintenance of specified systems
7.2 Building warrant of fitness issued

8. A mendment to a compliance schedule

8.1 Amendment triggered by council decision, owner’s request or IQP recommendation
8.2 Amendment triggered by a building consent

9. Useful information when buying a building with a compliance schedule

10. Fines for offences

11. Further guidance and information


Appendix 1: List of specified systems
Appendix 2: Application for amendment of compliance schedule
Appendix 3: Building warrant of fitness
Appendix 4: Certificates of compliance with inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures

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