Last updated: 6 March 2023

Dam resources

MBIE has a range of resources to help those impacted by the regulations, understand their responsibilities

Available resources

Dam safety regulations video

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A visual graphic showing the high-level key actions required by dam owners, engineers, and regional authorities.

Download an infographic summary of the provided dam safety guidance information [PDF 5.2MB]

On-line learning module

An online interactive course to help dam owners understand if their dam is impacted by the regulations, and to provide more detail around the key actions required by dam owners, technical practitioners, and regional authorities.

Dam safety learning module -

Guidance document

A detailed guidance document to assist dam owners, technical practitioners, and regional authorities in the performance of their functions and duties, and in the exercise of their powers, if any.

Download the guidance document [PDF 5MB]

Prescribed forms templates

Form templates that contain information that must be completed/provided by dam owners and submitted to regional authorities, under the regulations.

Dam classification certificate [PDF 89KB]

Dam safety assurance programme [PDF 85KB]

Annual dam compliance certificate [PDF 92KB]

How to measure and calculate dam volume

A resource to help agricultural dam owners calculate the volume of their dam and understand if they are impacted by the regulations.

Measuring and calculating the height and volume of agricultural dams [PDF 2.9MB]


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