Competencies guides

Last updated: 15 March 2016

You can use the national building consent authority competency assessment system and the candidate information pack to help you understand the assessment process and how to prepare, whether you are an assessor or a candidate.

BCA competency assessment system

The national building consent authority competency assessment system has been developed to help BCAs meet the requirements of the Building Regulations 2006. It explains the background to the system and contains information about:

  • how the system came into place and the system’s framework
  • meeting the requirements of the Building Regulations 2006 (specifically Regulations 9, 10 and 11)
  • the requirements of competency assessment, including a detailed five step instruction process guide to follow and worked examples such as:
    • assessment plan form
    • candidate evidence form
    • outcome of assessment form
  • detailed competency specifications and performance indicators for each national level
  • competency assessor specifications and requirements for assessors conducting assessments
  • templates of:
    • an assessment plan
    • a candidate evidence form: processing
    • a candidate evidence form: inspection
    • skills matrix
  • residential and commercial categorisation flowcharts
  • BCA policy and procedures.

National BCA competency assessment system levels

BCAs can use the national competency assessment system framework to assess their technical building control staff.

Learn more about the assessment system

Candidate information pack

The candidate information pack has been prepared for building officials and administrative staff who perform technical building control functions who are being assessed for competence. It contains information to help prepare for an assessment, including:

  • an overview of the system framework
  • competency specifications and examples of types of buildings
  • overview of the assessment process
  • providing evidence
  • a checklist to make sure you have prepared everything.

Templates to help you

You can download the following templates to guide you through competency assessment system process.

Assessment plan template[DOC 68 KB]

The assessor completes this plan and agrees evidence requirements and dates with candidate.

Candidate evidence form – Inspection[DOC 42 KB]

T<span>his form is to be completed by the candidate.</span>

Candidate evidence form – Processing[DOC 38 KB]

This form is to be cmpleted by the candidate.

Skills matrix template[XLS 18 KB]

This records results of assessments across the BCA.

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