CodeMark as a product certification scheme

Last updated: 21 March 2016

If you have a new or innovative product, or want a marketing advantage for your product, you may want to consider the product certification scheme CodeMark.

From 1 November 2019 there are CodeMark regulation changes. Read more about the CodeMark regulation changes.

CodeMark is a voluntary product certification scheme that provides an easily-understood and robust way to show a building product meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. A product can be a building or construction method, building design or a building material.

CodeMark is suitable for any building product but is particularly beneficial to manufacturers and suppliers of products that are innovative, new to the market or would have serious consequences if they failed. It also provides a marketing advantage as certified products are deemed to comply with the Building Code, are listed on our public Register and can use the CodeMark brand on advertising relating to the product.

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CodeMark is an unchallengeable form of product assurance. Building consent authorities (BCAs, usually councils) must accept a product certificate as evidence of compliance with the Building Code, as long as the product is used in accordance with the use and limitations defined on the certificate.

Manufacturers and suppliers may find alternative or less stringent levels of assurance, such as product technical statements (PTSs) or independent testing, are enough for building products that are already well used and accepted in the New Zealand building industry.

How CodeMark developed

The Building Act 2004 and the Building (Product Certification) Regulations 2008 provide the legislative basis for the CodeMark scheme in New Zealand.

The regulations prescribe the:

  • criteria and standards for accreditation as a product certification body including the fees payable to the accreditation body
  • criteria and standards for certification of products
  • minimum content for product certificates

We developed the current product certification scheme, known by its brand name CodeMark, in conjunction with the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) as the trans-tasman building products market is becoming increasingly integrated. The scheme operates in both Australia and New Zealand in accordance with the CodeMark Scheme Rules.

JAS-ANZ (the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand) has been appointed by us and the ABCB as the body responsible for assessing and accrediting product certification bodies.

Accredited product certification bodies are the only companies who can evaluate products for CodeMark and issue CodeMark certificates.

Deciding on product certification

To apply for CodeMark, you will need established evidence and technical information about your product and its compliance with the Building Code. There are fees involved, as well as annual audits and inspections.

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