CodeMark Scheme Rules

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  • Published on 2 September 2022
  • Updated on 9 May 2023


Scheme rules for CodeMark New Zealand scheme parties. This may also be of interest to manufacturers or suppliers of building products considering CodeMark certification.


The CodeMark scheme is open to building products and building methods that are consistently manufactured and are intended for use in  Aotearoa New Zealand. The CodeMark scheme rules (the scheme rules) apply to the scheme parties as identified in section 272E of the Building Act 2004 (the Act), which are:

  1. the product certification accreditation body
  2. all accredited and/or registered PCBs
  3. all proprietors of building products and building methods that have current product certificates, whether or not these certificates are registered with MBIE.

The scheme rules will also be of interest to manufacturers and suppliers interested in achieving CodeMark certification as well as to building consent authorities, designers, builders, and other users of certified products.

CodeMark scheme rules update

With the launch of CodeMark’s new mark of conformity, the scheme rules have been updated. From this point forward, certificate holders can use the new brand. The brand transition will be rolled out in phases. Read the transition timeline.

Please look at Schedule 2 of the CodeMark 2023 scheme rules for the use of the new mark of conformity.

Your product certification body will be sending high resolution brand files, along with the brand guide for the new mark of conformity.

There are also two additional scheme rules:

  1. A requirement for product certification bodies to use MBIE's provided certificate template.
  2. A requirement for certificate holders to make supporting information for the "conditions and limitations of use" section easily accessible to the public. This rule change will come into effect on 11 December 2023.

Current version

The current version of the scheme rules is CodeMark Scheme Rules 2023-1.

Previous versions

Below are previous versions of the CodeMark scheme rules.

These previous versions of the scheme rules are no longer valid.

Codemark scheme rules 2022

Codemark scheme rules 2009

Changes to the Codemark scheme rules 2010

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