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CodeMark is a voluntary product certification scheme that provides an easily-understood and robust way to show a building product or building method meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

A CodeMark certificate must be accepted by Building Consent Authorities as meeting the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code, provided the certificate is current and the product or method is used in accordance with details noted on the certificate.

What is CodeMark

CodeMark is the only deemed to comply product certification scheme in Aotearoa New Zealand that shows a building product or method meets the requirements of the Building Code.

How CodeMark Works

Information for anyone who would like to participate in the CodeMark scheme. Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of everyone in the scheme.

Product certificate register

All CodeMark certified building products and methods are listed with their most up to date certificate. Make sure you check the certificates to ensure you are complying with any limitations of use it may have, as well as any ongoing maintenance requirements. 

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Links to resources and guidance relevant to the CodeMark scheme.

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