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BuiltReady, CodeMark and MultiProof. Three schemes working together to provide more options for compliance pathways through the Building Consent system that reduce consenting times and costs. With these three compliance pathways, building consent authorities must accept them as establishing compliance with the Building Code if every relevant condition in the certificate or approval is met.

BuiltReady - a new modular component manufacturing scheme with two options - design and manufacture and manufacture only. BuiltReady provides for the certification of modular component manufacturers to produce modular components that must be treated by building consent authorities as been compliant with the Building Code. Using a certified manufacturer for a building consent smoothes the consenting process, resulting in fewer requests for information, shorter consenting timeframes, and more consistency in consenting applications across Aotearoa New Zealand.

CodeMark - a product certification scheme, an unchallengeable form of product assurance that provides an easy to understand and robust way to show building consent authorities a building product, or a building method, meets the requirements of the Building Code.

And MultiProof - for when you build with standardised designs, a National Multiple Use Approval is a statement by MBIE that a set of plans and specifications for a building complies with the Building Code. You can cut statutory consenting timeframes from 20 working days to 10 in the following instances: when using a MultiProof approval, when using a manufacturer certified to design and manufacture whole buildings under the BuiltReady scheme.

The objective of the three schemes is to alleviate pressure in the Building Consenting System by providing alternative pathways, which are streamlined, robust and trustworthy, and establish compliance with the Building Code.

Give your customers confidence that your modular components, building products or designs have been certified or approved to meet the Building Code requirements and will contribute to a smooth consenting process, saving them time and money. Rest assured that when a manufacturer, product or design is a BuiltReady, CodeMark or MultiProof certificate or approval, you can trust a building consent authority must accept it as meeting the requirements of the Building Code.

Find out more about BuiltReady, CodeMark and MultiProof on the Building Performance website at

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