Transcript: Building product information requirements

Last updated: 12 December 2023

Transcript for video introducing Building product information requirements (35 seconds).


Peter Wolfkamp, Resident Builder speaks to camera.


Peter Wolfkamp: Information about how building products contribute to Building Code compliance, and how they should be installed and used, must be published and easily accessible online.

This gives designers, builders, and homeowners what they need to make informed decisions about which products to use, how to use them, and what to do if something goes wrong.

If you manufacture, import, distribute or sell building products in Aotearoa New Zealand — you need to make sure you comply with the building product information requirements.


Text on screen:


  • Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment | Hīkina Whakatutuki
  • New Zealand Government | Te Kāwanatanga o Aotearoa

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