Transcript: Building for climate change

Last updated: 27 November 2023

Transcript for video introducing the Building for Climate Change Programme.


Logo: Building Performance

Montage of scenes of Aotearoa New Zealand:

  • Natural environments
  • Drone shots of cities
  • Workers in construction PPE
  • Building and construction
  • Industry, including smoke and steam emissions
  • People in offices


Aotearoa New Zealand is setting the direction to support all New Zealanders adapt, live, thrive and be resilient in a changing climate.

The building and construction industry is the fourth largest employer in Aotearoa and contributes nearly 10% of our greenhouse gas emissions. Our industry needs to minimise its contribution to climate change, as we all move towards near zero emissions in 2050.

MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment) is addressing these issues so that we can support our building and construction community. We will engage with the sector and the public every step of the way.

By reducing our carbon emissions and strengthening our resilience to climate hazards, New Zealanders can live sustainably and help combat climate change.

A more turbulent climate can disrupt the things we love and the places we live. Let's work together towards having safe, healthy durable homes and buildings for our communities and whanau.


Text on screen:

Logos on screen:

  • Building for Climate Change
  • Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE)
  • New Zealand Government

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