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Determinations are made by MBIE on matters of doubt or dispute to do with building work. Rulings are legally binding in relation to each case. Circumstances in one case may differ to others.

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2017/088: Code-compliance of a facade system proposed for remediation work to an apartment building

This determination considers the compliance of a replacement façade system to an existing 5-storey building. The facade system incorporates high-pressure laminate panels fixed to an aluminium frame creating a 50mm wide cavity between the panels and the lined timber-framed wall behind. The authority has concerns about the facade system’s ability to perform with respect to preventing the spread of fire over the external cladding. The determination considers the compliance of the original facade system, and as modified in response to the determination’s initial findings.

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2017/087: Refusal to issue a code compliance certificate for a 19-year-old house with EIFS wall cladding

This determination is concerned with the compliance of a 19-year-old house. The determination considers the authority’s reasons for refusing to issue a code compliance certificate, and whether the house complies with the requirements of the Building Code, particularly with respect to weathertightness and durability.

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2017/086: Refusal to grant exemption from the requirement to obtain a building consent for recladding a house

This determination considers whether the authority was correct to refuse to grant an exemption under Schedule 1(2) for work to reclad a house. The determination also discusses whether the cladding was likely to be exempt from the requirement for a building consent under Schedule 1(1).

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2017/085: Decision to issue a code compliance certificate for alterations to a house

This determination considers the authority's decision to issue a code compliance certificate for alterations to an existing house and whether the building work complied with the building consent and the Building Code at the time of that decision.

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2017/084: Compliance of new building without a lift with regard to disability access

This determination considers whether a new two-storey building without a lift to the upper level bar/restaurant complies with Clause D1. The determination also discusses the relationship between the criteria in the Building Code and the New Zealand Standard NZS 4121: Design for Access and Mobility in relation to buildings requiring a lift.

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2017/083: Refusal of code-compliance certificate for house and producer statement for on-site waste water treatment system

This determination considers an authority’s refusal to issue a code compliance certificate for an on-site waste water treatment system because the installer had not provided a producer statement for the completed system.  The determination considers the likely compliance of the completed system.

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2017/082: Compliance of deck balustrade as part of swimming pool barrier

This determination concerns the balustrade to a deck above an immediate pool area and the compliance of the barrier in relation to a set of external stairs from the deck to the pool. The determination considers whether the deck itself is included within the immediate pool area and whether the stairs are a climbable projection.

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2017/081: Compliance of ground floor stairs landing in residential unit

This determination considers the compliance of a 435mm long landing at the bottom of a set of internal stairs.  The determination compares the landing length with the Acceptable Solution and discusses whether there is adequate activity space between the door and the stairs.

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2017/080: Granting of building consent for alterations, subject to notification that land is subject to a natural hazard

The granting of a building consent for alterations to an existing building subject to noficiation that the land is subject to a natural hazard at 102 Dillon Street, Waihi Beach

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2017/079: Decision to issue notice to fix for building work

Note: This determination is subject to appeal.

This determination concerns a return wall to a retaining wall built under a building consent; the return wall encroaches over the owners’ boundary into a neighbouring property.  The authority issued a notice to fix in respect of the return wall, as it is of the view it was a built without first obtaining an amendment to the consent.  The determination considers whether the notice to fix was correctly issued, and whether the return wall was a major or minor amendment to the building consent.

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