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Determinations are made by MBIE on matters of doubt or dispute to do with building work. Rulings are legally binding, but only in relation to each case.

Previous determinations may provide some useful guidance for those faced with similar problems, but note that individual circumstances may vary.

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2024/007: An authority's refusal to grant building consent for a new dwelling, and compliance of a proposed foundation design with Clause B1 Structure

This determination considers an authority’s decision to refuse to grant an application for a building consent for the construction of a new dwelling. The determination considers the authority’s reasons for the refusal, and whether the proposed timber piled foundation design complies with Building Code Clause B1 Structure.

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2023/015: Decision to issue a code compliance certificate for the construction of the foundation and floor slab of a vehicle storage shed

This determination considers the exercise of power of decision by an authority to issue a code compliance certificate for building work to construct a foundation system and floor slab for a new vehicle storage and maintenance shed. The determination will consider whether the building work complies with the building consent and Building Code, taking into account all the information now available.

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2023/006: Regarding the compliance of a bracing design for a single-storey dwelling

This determination considers whether the bracing design for two external walls of a
single-storey timber-framed dwelling complied with the Building Code. In deciding this
matter, I have considered whether the bracing design complied with the means of
compliance stated in the building consent application, which was New Zealand
Standard NZS 3604:2011 Timber-framed buildings.

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2019/011: Regarding the substitution of solid timber framing with glue-laminated timber to the wall framing and trusses to a house

This determination considers the use of glue-laminated timber as framing to the walls and roof trusses of a house.  The glue-laminated framing was substituted during construction for solid timber described in the approved building consent without approval being sought.  The determination considers the compliance of the glue-laminated framing and whether the substitution could be considered a minor variation to the approved consent.

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2019/003: Regarding the ground preparation for house foundations and whether this satisfied Clause B1 Structure

Note: This determination is subject to clarification


This determination considers the ground preparation to a site before a house with a proprietary foundation had been constructed. The site was in the Canterbury region and had been classified as TC2. The determination considers whether the site and its preparation meet Clause B1 Structure, and whether the authority was correct to issue the code compliance certificate in respect of this work.

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2018/056: Refusal to grant a building consent for proposed earthquake repairs to two residential buildings

This determination considers two houses damaged in the Canterbury earthquake sequence and whether the information provided in support of the building consent for the repair of the buildings was sufficient for the authority to be able to grant the consent.  

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2017/007: Authority's exercise of its powers of decision to refuse to issue a building consent for a new house

This determination considers whether the authority was correct to refuse to issue a building consent on the grounds that it considered the proposed footing detail, which is an alternative solution, did not comply with Clause B1 of the Building Code. The determination compares the proposed footing detail with that set out in the Acceptable Solutions SH/AS1 and B1/AS1 in terms of its flexural and shear capacity.

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2016/059: Regarding the compliance of uPVC window and door joinery installed to a house

This determination considers the compliance of a substituted uPVC joinery product that is the subject of an application to amend a building consent. The determination discusses the evidence base and consequences of failure.

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2016/056: Regarding the refusal to issue a code compliance certificate for a house due to changes in its structural system

This determination concerns the refusal to issue a code compliance certificate on the grounds that the authority could not be satisfied that the building work complied with Clause B1 Structure.  The as-built work differed from that described in the building consent, which been supported by the specifications and design documentation for a proprietary construction system that was not used in the construction of the building.

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2016/041: Proposed refusal to issue a code compliance certificate due to variations in level and surface tolerances

This determination considers the level and tolerances in surface finish to the concrete floor slab and consequential variations in the timber framing to a two-story house.  The determination considers the compliance of the slab in relation to loss of amenity under Clause B1 Structure, and the application of the appropriate standards cited in the building consent.

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