9.3 Height-restriction gantries

Height-restriction gantry

A building consent is not required for gantries, for example those restricting vehicles over a certain height from accessing an area.

This exemption only applies to height-restriction gantries, such as gantries that restrict vehicles over a certain height from going into a car parking building or beneath an underpass.

What is exempt

  1. Constructing a new height-restriction gantry for a car parking building.
  2. Replacing a damaged wooden height-restriction gantry with a new steel one.
  3. Installing a new height-restriction gantry for a drive-through at a fast food restaurant.
  4. Repairing a height-restriction gantry at a car parking building following impact damage from a vehicle.

What needs consent

Constructing a pedestrian bridge over a ramp which provides vehicle access to a basement customer car park. Although the bridge limits the height of vehicles that can use the ramp to a maximum of 2.1 metres, the main purpose of the bridge is to allow pedestrians and customers to cross safely over the vehicle ramp. Building a bridge is beyond the scope of this exemption and also of exemption 7.1., as the bridge will be higher than 1.5 metres. Therefore, this will require a building consent.

What the law says

26. Height-restriction gantries

1. Building work in connection with a height-restriction gantry.

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