8.1. Carports not exceeding 20 sqm in floor area


A building consent is not required for carports up to 20 square metres in ground floor area.

Amended June 2016
Clause 18 of Schedule 1 was amended, as from 30 June 2016, by Building (Exempt Building Work) Order 2016. This order replaced clause 18 to remove the condition that required a carport to be on or attached to an existing building.

This exemption covers carports up to 20 square metres in area.

Before you begin, please read the Notes for carports.

If a homeowner intends to build a carport greater than 20 square metres on the ground floor, exemption 44 or 18A (sections 8.2. or 8.3.) might be applicable.

What is exempt

  1. A home owner wants to construct a new free-standing carport. The carport will have a concrete slab on grade, be open on all sides, and have a net floor area of 20 square metres.
  2. A courier company intends to build a 20 square metre carport. The carport will be open on three sides and attached to the existing single storey depot building.

What needs consent

  1. Constructing a new free-standing carport with a net floor area of 25 square metres which will be open on all sides. As it exceeds 20 square metres in floor area, a building consent is required.

What the law says

18. Carports not exceeding 20 square metres in floor area

1. Building work in connection with a carport that:

(a). is on the ground level; and

(b). does not exceed 20 square metres in floor area.

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