Dam Safety Regulations video transcript (short)

Last updated: 13 May 2024

Transcript for video introducing the new dam safety regulations and explaining where to go for further information.

(All scenes involve motion pictures)


Aerial view of a dam surrounded by farmland.

Text on screen: 'Building Performance'


Voiceover: Some farm dams and ponds can put property, livestock and people at risk if they fail. We need to protect farmers' livelihoods while making sure people and the environment around them are safe.


Aerial view of a farmer looking out over the dam.

An engineer wearing an orange vest walks towards the farmer and shakes his hand.


Voiceover: In May 2024, new rules on dam safety came in, meaning that dam owners now have new responsibilities.


Aerial shots of different dams:

  • dam with a concrete spillway
  • dam on a vineyard.


Voiceover:  If you have a dam that stores water above ground level, you’ll need to make sure it's safe.


Two people wearing orange fluro vests, walking beside the vineyard dam.

Dam with concrete spillway and farmland. 


Voiceover: Find out how the changes affect you on MBIE's Building Performance website.


Aerial shot of vineyard dam surrounded by farmland.

Text on screen: www.building.govt.nz/managing-buildings/dam-safety.


  • Building Performance
  • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

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