Checking for weathertightness problems

Weathertight Services within the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment can tell you if a property is or has been subject to a claim to the Weathertight Homes Resolution Service.

Weathertight Services 

Councils are obliged to identify in Land Information Memorandum (LIM) reports whether a property is or was subject to a Weathertight Services claim. However properties that have been subject to weathertightness claims through the courts or private actions do not have to be identified. Homes requiring re-cladding require a building consent from the local council.

What about newly built houses?

People planning to build a new house should discuss weathertightness matters with the architects, designers and builders involved. If any concerns arise, seek advice from an experienced, qualified consultant with weathertightness expertise. Money spent at the planning stage can avoid costly problems in the future.

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