A stronger CodeMark

Last updated: 31 August 2023

Building system reform stronger codemark

In June 2022, the government made new building product certification regulations to strengthen oversight of the CodeMark scheme. These new scheme rules commenced September 2022. The changes form part of the Building Amendment Act 2021.

About CodeMark

MBIE has a voluntary building product certification scheme, known as CodeMark. Local Councils or Building Consent Authorities (BCAs) must accept that building products with a CodeMark certificate comply with the building code, if they are installed correctly. This can lead to more efficient consenting.

However, the Building Act does not sufficiently empower MBIE to set expectations or to intervene when these expectations are not met. This means that MBIE needs to strengthen its oversight of the scheme.

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What has changed?

The Amendment Act gives MBIE's Chief Executive the power to set scheme rules for CodeMark. If a Product Certification Body (PCB) doesn't comply with the rules, their ability to certify products may be suspended or revoked. If a Certificate Holder doesn’t comply with the rules, their product certificates may be suspended or revoked.

The Amendment Act also strengthens MBIE's oversight of the scheme by introducing registration requirements. MBIE will be able to directly audit a PCB, and suspend the registration of a PCB or product certificate if appropriate.

The Amendment Act introduces new offences for a person who falsely claims to be a PCB or have CodeMark certification for their products. BCAs, industry and building owners will have greater assurance that products labelled with a CodeMark certificate can be used safely in building work.

What this means for you

The changes will result in a more robust product certification scheme that BCAs, industry and homeowners can have confidence in. MBIE will use its increased oversight to regulate the scheme more effectively. It will be harder for poor performing PCBs and products to enter the scheme, and it will be easier to address any quality issues that may arise. Furthermore,

  • Existing PCBs will have clearer rules to follow.
  • Certificate holders will have greater confidence that their products are being certified by high performing PCBs and their certificates will be of a high quality.
  • BCAs can have greater confidence that product certificates are high quality, more consistent, and being issued by high performing PCBs.
  • Building owners will have greater confidence in safe and durable buildings that use certified products and methods, and benefit from more efficient consenting.

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