Embodied carbon assessment examples

Last updated: 29 November 2023

Across Aotearoa/New Zealand's building sector, companies and organisations are conducting embodied carbon assessments of buildings.

Embodied carbon assessments are a way of measuring and recording the embodied carbon of a new building or building work. Embodied carbon is the emissions associated with the use of materials in a building that occur across the life-cycle of the building. Understanding the emissions associated with building designs, products and materials can help building developers and owners make informed choices about lower-carbon options.

The Whole-of-Life Embodied Carbon Assessment: Technical Methodology [PDF 1.1MB] was published in 2022 to support the consistency of assessments, and introduce embodied carbon to those parts of the sector that may be less familiar with the concepts.

Assessment examples

Below are examples of embodied carbon assessments, produced by members of the building and construction sector, to illustrate what they can look like. Embodied carbon is still a relatively new concept in Aotearoa/New Zealand, so it is important to share insights as the sector learns how best to measure and reduce these emissions.

Each example provides embodied carbon values for the building and outline which building elements accounted for the most significant embodied carbon emissions. These insights can support design teams and others in the construction sector, to reduce the embodied carbon of future buildings they work on.

Embodied carbon assessment: Integrated office fit-out

Embodied carbon assessment: Townhouse development

Embodied carbon assessment: School building

Embodied carbon assessment: Office archives building

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