Product assurance and certification schemes

Information about product assurance and product certification (CodeMark) for importers, suppliers or manufacturers of building products or systems.  Details of the multiple-use approval scheme, MultiProof, for those planning to build the same or similar building design many times.

If you are considering importing, supplying or manufacturing a building product or system, our information on product assurance can help you understand how our building laws apply and how to comply with these.  Understand what evidence you will need to demonstrate your product is fit for purpose and complies with the Building Code and how to present your product’s key technical information. You can also find out more about the voluntary product certification scheme CodeMark, which is administered by MBIE.

If you want to build the same or similar building design many times, you could consider applying for a MultiProof. Find out how this national multiple-use approval scheme works, how to apply, and what you need to provide to show a set of standardised plans and specifications complies with the Building Code.

Pathways to compliance: For products, building designs and methods

Pathways for demonstrating compliance with the Building Code, including using MultiProof and CodeMark.

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