The higher-density eight (HD8)

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This page identifies the Building Code clauses that are being prioritised for change to facilitate higher-density housing.

The majority of Acceptable Solution and Verification Method compliance pathways are focused on low-density dwellings. Higher-density (i.e. medium- or high-density) building designs often sit outside the scope of these pathways.

Eight clauses of the Building Code – collectively known as the HD8 – have been identified as priority areas for change. Amending these clauses or increasing the scope of the associated Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods will facilitate higher-density housing.

The HD8 consists of:

  • B1 Structure and B2 Durability
  • C Protection from fire
  • E2 External moisture
  • E3 Internal moisture
  • G4 Ventilation
  • G6 Airborne and impact sound
  • G7 Natural light
  • H1 Energy Efficiency

The HD8 clauses will be progressively amended over time to facilitate higher-density housing, through the annual Building Code system update.

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