Determination 2003/09 related to the accessible facilities to be provided in a motel. In paragraph 5.4.6, the determination noted that the kitchen in question would provide a 1500mm diameter manoeuvring space, according to Acceptable Solution G3/AS1, and therefore had to be accepted as complying with the Building Code. In comparison with NZS 4121, G3/AS1 lacks practical construction details and is due for review. In the meantime, a reasonable approach is to incorporate the following features in accessible kitchens:

  • maximum bench height of 900mm
  • bench work area about 900mm wide, having knee space (a pull- out shelf under the bench top can be an alternative in very small kitchens where bench space is limited)
  • manoeuvring area of at least 1500mm diameter
  • under-bench cupboards not more than 600mm deep from the wall
  • light switches, sockets and heat controls not more than 1200mm above the floor (ideally, about 1000mm)
  • switches and sockets located on a return wall (fittings on the wall at the rear of the bench can be difficult to reach from a wheelchair)
  • cutlery, cups, glasses and plates stored either directly under the bench top or in a cupboard not higher than 1200mm, which is acceptable for side-reach
  • microwave platter and controls not higher than 1200mm
  • lever-action two-way tap at the sink.

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