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Determinations are made by MBIE on matters of doubt or dispute to do with building work. Rulings are legally binding in relation to each case. Circumstances in one case may differ to others.

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2018/066: Authority’s decision to issue a code compliance certificate for alterations to a relocated house

This determination considers the issue of a code compliance certificate for alterations to a relocated house.  The determination discusses the compliance of the building work with the building consent and with relevant clauses of the Building Code

2018/065: Classified use of buildings used as accommodation under the Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme

This determination considers the classified use of buildings on two properties under Clause A1 of the Building Code when they are used by employers as accommodation for seasonal workers under the New Zealand Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme.

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2018/064: Regarding whether the fire safety design of a proposed 185m high mixed-use tower building complies with Clauses C1-C6 by means of C/VM2

This determination considers the fire safety design of a proposed tall building and whether compliance with Clauses C1-C6 has been established by means of Verification Method C/VM2.  The determination discusses the scope of the Verification Method, how compliance is established by way of the Verification Method, and the compliance of the proposed design – in particular the lack of isolated interconnection between the lobby containing the designated fire fighters lift and the stair that is the means of egress and which firefighters use to access the floor of fire origin.

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2018/063: Building Code compliance of the proposed location for large toilet paper dispensers in accessible public toilets

This determination considers the code compliance of large toilet paper dispensers installed in prefabricated public toilets - the location of the dispensers differs from that shown in the relevant Acceptable Solution.  The prefabricated toilets are built under a consent issued at the point of manufacture and relocated throughout the country using a separate buidling consent for the site installation.

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2018/062: Authority’s refusal to issue a code compliance certificate for a 17-year-old house with monolithic cladding

Note: to be read in conjunction with Determination 2017/008.

This determination considers a second refusal to issue a code compliance certificate for a now 17-year-old house with monolithic cladding that was the subject of a previous determination.  This determination discusses the validity of the refusal with regard to the time in which a building consent authority must make a decision, and the relationship between the requirement to give reasons for refusing to issue a code compliance certificate and the issue of a notice to fix.  The determination considers the information the authority had before it at the time it made its decision and whether the items identified by the authority are compliant with the Building Code.

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2018/061: Installation of a replacement wood burner and wetback where a new tempering valve was also installed

This determination considers the installation of a tempering valve to an existing hot water system in a house that was being altered: the alteration involved the replacement of both a wood burner and wetback water heater.  A tempering valve was installed as part of the alteration and the determination considers the compliance of the existing hot water system to the extent required by section 112 of the Act.

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2018/060: Refusal to grant building consent for retrofitting polyisocyanurate insulation in a house

This determination considers the code-compliance of retrofitted rigid foam insulation board to insulate the walls of an existing house.  The determination considers whether the proposed insulation board will satisfy certain clauses of the Building Code to the extent required by the Building Act.

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2018/059: Issue of a notice to fix in respect of the compliance schedule and building warrant of fitness for a building

Note: This determination is subject to clarification


This determination concerns a notice to fix issued by an authority in respect of the specified systems in a building, the compliance schedule, and the building warrant of fitness. The determination considers whether the notice to fix was correctly issued, the information to be provided in a compliance schedule, and the issue of the building warrant of fitness.

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2018/058: Refusal to issue a building consent for a modular house and the use of modules designed locally but prefabricated offshore

This determination considers the authority’s refusal to grant building consent for a house designed with modular units that are manufactured off-shore.  The design of the modular units was not supported by a MultiProof certificate at the time the application for building consent was made, but the authority maintained its refusal after a MultiProof certificate was issued.  The determination discusses the range of information available on which the authority could rely in making its decision.

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2018/057: Decision to grant a building consent subject to notification under section 73 for building work on land subject to natural hazards

This determination considers an authority’s decision to grant building consent subject to a section 73 notice requiring a notice to be placed on the land title identifying the land as being subject to natural hazards - being erosion and inundation.  The subject property is adjacent to a river located in a rural setting. 

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