6.4 Closing in existing veranda or patio

Enclosed veranda

A building consent is not required to close in an existing veranda or patio if the enclosed space is under 5 square metres.

This exemption allows you to close in an existing veranda, patio or similar structure in order to convert an area into an enclosed space (eg a conservatory).

The size of this enclosed space must not exceed 5 square metres.

What is exempt

  1. A building owner has an existing patio measuring 4.5 square metres in area and wishes to fully enclose it with glazing.
  2. An owner of a bay villa decides to partially enclose an existing veranda to have a 5 square metre sunroom off the living room. Glazed window joinery is installed on three sides to create the new space.

What needs consent

  1. A building owner wants to change an existing veranda into an enclosed conservatory. The veranda measures 15 square metres in total. As the area she wishes to enclose is greater than 5 square metres, they will need to obtain a building consent.

What the law says

15. Closing in existing veranda or patio

1. Building work in connection with the closing in of an existing veranda, patio, or the like so as to provide an enclosed porch, conservatory, or the like with a floor area not exceeding 5 square metres.

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