10.1 Private household playground equipment

Backyard swing and play hut

Playground equipment doesn't require a building consent if it's for a single private household, and no part of it exceeds 3 metres above supporting ground level.

Playground equipment can be built to a maximum height of 3 metres for use by a single private household under this exemption.

Building work relating to playground equipment on publicly accessible sites is not covered by this exemption. However, it may fall under exemption 42 (under section 10.2) (certain public playground equipment).

What is exempt

  1. Owners of a dwelling intend to install a slide and playhouse of a scale and size suitable for their four year old child. The highest part of the equipment does not exceed 3 metres above the supporting ground.

What needs consent

  1. Homeowners intend to install a swing and slide in their garden for their children. The top of the swing set and the platform giving access to the slide (which is also fitted with 1 metre high safety barriers) is 3.5 metres above the supporting ground, and therefore requires a building consent.

What the law says

28. Private household playground equipment

1. Building work in connection with playground equipment if:

(a). the equipment is for use by a single private household; and

(b). no part of the equipment exceeds 3 metres in height above the supporting ground level.

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