1.5 Removal of structures

Removal of a large roadside sign

This exemption allows for the removal of certain building work.

Please note: The below exemption comes into force from 31 August 2020. You will still need a building consent if your project starts before this date.

This exemption was introduced to cover the removal of any building work for which the design was carried out or reviewed by a chartered professional engineer because their removal is not included in the respective exemptions 39 to 49.

Property owners are not required to prove that the existing structure was designed or reviewed by a Chartered Professional Engineer, but to qualify for this exemption, you must engage a Chartered Professional Engineer.

What is exempt

  1. Removing a billboard from the side of a multi-storey apartment building.
  2. The new owner of a licensed childcare centre decides to remove a 4.5 metre high slide constructed by the previous owner.

What needs consent

  1. Removing a 4 metre high rural retaining wall which is supporting other structures (eg a driveway and building).

What the law says

50. Removal of structures

The removal of any of the structures referred to in exemptions 39 to 49, whether or not the design of the structure has been carried out or reviewed by a chartered professional engineer.

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