43. Removal of sign, plinth, retaining wall, or public playground equipment

Removal of a large roadside sign

A building consent is not required to remove signs, plinths, retaining walls and public playground equipment.

What the law says

Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004 states the following:

The removal of any of the structures referred to in clauses 39 to 42, whether or not the design of the structure has been carried out or reviewed by a chartered professional engineer

Guidance on the exemption

This exemption was introduced to cover the removal of signs, plinths, retaining walls, or public playground equipment because their removal is not included in the respective exemptions 39 to 42.

Examples where this exemption could apply

Removing a 75 square metre billboard/sign from the side of a multi-storey apartment building.
Removing a retaining wall to make way for constructing a new garage.
Following the purchase of a property, the new owner of a licensed childcare centre decides to remove a 4.5 metre high slide constructed by the previous owner.

Example where building consent is required

Removing a 4 metre high rural retaining wall which is supporting other structures (eg a driveway and building) would require a building consent because the height exceeds 3 metres.

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