42. Certain public playground equipment

Playground equipment

Playground equipment for licensed childcare centres and certain public organisations doesn't require a building consent if it is designed by a chartered professional engineer.

What the law says

Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004 states the following:

Building work in connection with playground equipment if the work is for a government department, Crown entity, licensed early childhood centre, territorial or regional authority, or other similar public organisation.

Guidance on the exemption

This exemption recognises that the building consent process would add disproportionately high compliance costs and limited value in cases where certain public playground equipment is either designed or reviewed by a chartered professional engineer.

This exemption applies to playgrounds under the control of certain public or licensed organisations that already have strong incentives to operate systems to make sure public safety concerns are well managed.

Examples where this exemption could apply

New playground equipment, designed by a chartered professional engineer, in an existing or new licensed childcare centre.
A primary school installs new playground equipment, where the design has been reviewed by a chartered professional engineer.

Example where building consent is required

New playground equipment at an existing childcare centre not designed or reviewed by a chartered professional engineer.

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