Tiny houses and Schedule 1 exemptions

Family outside modern tiny house

Find out about schedule one exemptions for detached buildings and retrofitting a kitchen and or bathroom

Schedule 1 exemption for detached buildings

This exemption can be used to build a detached building if it does not contain sanitary facilities (bathroom or kitchen) or facilities for the storage of potable water. The intention of this exemption is to allow for an additional detached building to be built without a building consent, where people have access to the primary building’s facilities.

Although it may not require building consent, it must meet the relevant requirements of the Building Code.

Learn more about building consent exemptions for detached standalone buildings

Retrofitting kitchen and/or bathroom facilities

The addition of a kitchen and bathroom is not exempt under Schedule 1 and you’ll need a building consent for this work. You will also need to get a registered plumber, gasfitter or drain layer to complete the work depending on what you are installing.

Be aware that by adding these sanitary fixtures it may trigger additional planning rules, levies and change of use, so check your unitary/district plan and council website for anything that may impact you.

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