Purpose and objectives of the BCA accreditation scheme

Last updated: 10 April 2017

Design plans

This section of the website sets out the purpose and objectives of the building consent authority accreditation scheme. It is important that these are understood by all parties to the scheme.


The purpose of the building consent authority accreditation scheme is to set out the minimum policies, procedures and systems that a building consent authority must have, and consistently and effectively implement, to perform its building control functions.


The objectives of the building consent authority scheme are that:

1. all building consent authorities have:

  • appropriate, documented and implemented policies, procedures and systems
  • appropriate, documented and implemented effective quality assurance systems
  • sufficient skills and resources to undertake their statutory functions
  • employees and contractors with appropriate building control competencies and qualifications.

2. it supports:

  • territorial and regional authorities to transfer their consenting functions where they wish
  • building consent authorities to enter into outsourcing arrangements with other building consent authorities
  • building consent authorities to align nationally, across a region or a policy, procedure or system.

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