Regulation 5 – Requirements for policies, procedures and systems

Last updated: 6 July 2017

Building consent authority policies, procedures and systems must be appropriate for purpose, and consistently and effectively implemented.

The objective of the regulation

The objective of regulation 5 is that all building consent authorities (BCAs) have the policies, procedures and systems required by the Building (Accreditation of Building Consent Authorities) Regulations 2006 (the Regulations) in hard copy or electronic media format, that they meet a minimum standard of being “appropriate for purpose” and are “consistently and effectively” implemented.

The regulatory guidance below has been developed to support understanding of the Regulations.

Regulation 5 is available on the Legislation website.

MBIE’s guidance on meeting the accreditation requirement

A BCA must have all the policies, procedures and systems required by regulations 7–18 written down on paper (in hard copy) or in electronic manuals or documents (electronic media format).

A BCA’s policies, procedures and systems must also be appropriate for purpose, and consistently and effectively implemented. 

The regulatory requirements of regulation 5 apply to all the policies, procedures and systems required by the Regulations. This is regardless of whether they are related to the performance of a building control function (for example, regulation 7) or the consistent and effective implementation of a policy, procedure or system that supports a BCA to perform building control functions (for example, regulations 8–18).

Although not an accreditation requirement, it is useful and good practice for a territorial authority to document its BCA and territorial authority policies, procedures and systems for building regulatory control. Having this information in one place may be useful for all staff, particularly new employees or contractors, or those that sometimes perform both building control official and territorial officer functions.

Recording and reporting of non-compliance has further information.

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