Building Code solution for installing solar water heaters

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About this document

  • Published on 1 December 2009
  • Of interest to Building consent authorities, Insulation installers,
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-34317-5 (Online)
  • 1st edition


This guide is to help suppliers, installers and building consent authorities establish Building Code compliance for solar water heaters that fall outside the scope of G12/AS2.


This guidance is intended to facilitate the approval of building consents for installing solar water heaters outside the scope of the acceptable solution G12/AS2.

It provides a range of options for a performance-based solutions to Building Code clauses B1, B2, E2, F2, G9, G12 and H1, not covered in the acceptable solution G12/AS2. It helps readers to design and evaluate alternative solutions for themselves.

This Guidance has been prepared in consultation with building consent authorities and industry. It is intended to help resolve compliance problems identified by solar water heater suppliers and installers.

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