Building industry codes of practice

We encourage industry groups to create their own guidance and codes of practice for the use of their products. These need to complement and comply with our Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods.

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Below are some examples developed by the industry:

Code of Practice for weathertight concrete and concrete masonry construction

The Cement and Concrete Association of New Zealand (CCANZ) provides weathertightness solutions for conrete and concrete masonry buildings.

The Building Code clause E2 External Moisture references this Code of Practice in Acceptable Solution E2/AS3.

Visit the CCANZ website to read their Code of Practice for Weathertight Concrete and Concrete Masonry Construction.

Code of Practice for Reinforced Modified Bitumen Membrane (RMBM) systems for roofs and decks

Waterproofing Membrane Association NZ Inc. provides guidance on the selection, design and installation of modified, reinforced bituminous materials.

This Code of Practice was formerly known, as Code of Practice for Torch-on Membranes Systems for roofs and decks. The new fourth edition was published in March 2021.

Visit the WMAI website to purchase their Codes of Practice.

The New Zealand metal roof and wall cladding Code of Practice

NZ Metal Roofing Manufacturers (MRM) provides guidance on the selection, design and installation of metal roofing and wall cladding systems.

Visit the MRM website to register for an updated version of their Code of Practice.

  • Published on 15 March 2016
  • 1st edition

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