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Determinations are made by MBIE on matters of doubt or dispute to do with building work. Rulings are legally binding, but only in relation to each case.

Previous determinations may provide some useful guidance for those faced with similar problems, but note that individual circumstances may vary.

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2022/017: Regarding the refusal to issue a code compliance certificate for weathertightness remedial work on a townhouse

Note: This determination is subject to appeal

This determination considers whether the authority was correct to refuse to issue a code compliance certificate for remedial recladding work. The determination considers whether the building work complies with clauses B2 Durability and E2 External moisture.

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2020/014: Regarding the authority's refusal to grant an amendment to a building consent

This determination considers the authority's refusal to issue a building consent for a revised timber remediation methodology and window joinery flashing system. The determination considers whether sufficient information was provided to the authority during the building consenting process.

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2018/062: Authority’s refusal to issue a code compliance certificate for a 17-year-old house with monolithic cladding

Note: to be read in conjunction with Determination 2017/008.

This determination considers a second refusal to issue a code compliance certificate for a now 17-year-old house with monolithic cladding that was the subject of a previous determination.  This determination discusses the validity of the refusal with regard to the time in which a building consent authority must make a decision, and the relationship between the requirement to give reasons for refusing to issue a code compliance certificate and the issue of a notice to fix.  The determination considers the information the authority had before it at the time it made its decision and whether the items identified by the authority are compliant with the Building Code.

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2015/032: Refusal to issue a building consent for remedial work to improve weathertightness issues to a house with a code compliance certificate

This determination covered technical issues about a proprietary system provider’s methodologies and technologies relating to liquid and foaming injection timber treatment systems used to slow the rate of decay. Discussed whether timber treatment process is building work, and whether targeted treatment can be exempt from building consent under Schedule 1 of the Act as maintenance. Discussed impacts on bracing capacity, air volatility, and the use of drying skirts. Also mentioned the provision of new plans as opposed to copied plans.

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2014/002: Regarding the issuing of a notice to fix for repairs to a house

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