Links to earlier legislation

To check whether or not earlier building work on a property was covered by an exemption, you need to refer to the legislation in force at the time.

Schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004 has been issued and amended on the following dates:

  • 1 July 2019 (the current version)
  • 28 November 2013
  • 23 December 2010
  • 16 October 2008
  • 24 August 2004.

You can download these versions at

Before the Building Act 2004 was enacted, the Building Act 1991 was the relevant legislation: its Third Schedule (Exempt buildings and building work) was similar to the current Act's Schedule 1.

You can download this from the New Zealand Legal Information Institute.

We have included these links after feedback from building officials, who report that they get regular visits from home buyers and real estate agents wanting to view earlier versions of the legislation and asking council advice whether or not building work undertaken at a given time was exempt. We hope that providing this information will be helpful for both parties.

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