Amendments to building consent exemptions


MBIE works with the sector to make improvements and additions to the list of building work that can be undertaken without requiring a building consent. Amendments that have been made are outlined below to help users of this guidance understand when each of the regulation changes came into effect.

Exemptions are not retrospective. If you carry out unconsented building work which was not exempt at the time the work was undertaken, you will need to apply to your local council for a Certificate of Acceptance. You can only apply for a Certificate of Acceptance only if building work was carried out without a building consent from 1 July 1992 onwards, or in specific circumstances, when a code compliance certificate can’t be issued. For further information, please contact your council.

Exempted building work Effective from Document version
All building consent exemptions March 2014 1
Carports June 2016 2

Means of restricting access to small heated pools – minor amendments

Retaining walls – minor amendments

August 2017 3
Ground moisture barriers July 2019 4

Verandas and porches – additional exemption

Single-storey detached buildings – three additional exemptions

Carports – additional exemption

Awnings – additional exemption

Outdoor fireplaces or ovens

Flexible water storage bladders

Short-span bridges on private land without public access

Pipe supporting structures

Ground-mounted solar panel arrays – three new exemptions

Single-storey pole sheds and hay barns

August 2020 5

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