Earthquake-prone building support service pilot

Last updated: 15 February 2023

earthquake prone pilot

The earthquake-prone building support service is being piloted in Wellington. It aims to assist some owner groups of earthquake-prone buildings to understand their options and collectively agree on a remediation plan to meet their approaching remediation deadline. The pilot will run from mid-2023 to late 2024.

Selections for the pilot

Earthquake-prone building support service pilot[PDF 239 KB]

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Up to ten owner groups of residential multi-unit earthquake-prone buildings in Wellington will be invited by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) to take part in the pilot. MBIE will select them in consultation with the Wellington City Council. Selection will be targeted at owner groups who are at a high risk of not meeting their remediation deadline for their earthquake-prone building (as required by the law).

Purpose of the pilot

The pilot will test the feasibility of providing support services to these owner groups, so that they understand options and can collectively agree on a remediation plan to meet their approaching remediation deadline.

The pilot will test the following support services:

  • case management, advisory services and connection to other services, including well-being support
  • support to understand remediation obligations and options
  • facilitation of collective decision-making
  • facilitation of access to free engineering, legal and other technical and expert advice.

Building and property owners will still be responsible for the costs of remediation work (building work) for their buildings.

The support services may also help owners to work with Kāinga Ora to assess their eligibility status and apply for a loan from the Government's Residential Earthquake-prone Building Financial Assistance Scheme

Pilot outcome

During the pilot MBIE will gather information to better understand the challenges and barriers building and property owners are facing, test what support services are needed and the best way to deliver them. MBIE will then report the findings of the pilot back to Government.

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