Last updated: 9 February 2023

bfcc resources

MBIE has a range of resources explaining how carbon emissions can be reduced in the building and construction sector.


Some of the terminology and key concepts are difficult to define and apply to building and building work. To help with this, a glossary is now available. It contains the top terms you need to know to understand the impact of the building sector on climate change.

View the glossary

Download a print version of the glossary in A3 size [PDF 314KB]

Work programme

The work programme provides a high-level overview of the building for climate change programme, and will be updated regularly

View the work programme

Download a print version of the work programme in A3 size [PDF 3MB]

Smart steps to lowering emissions

Resources and tools to help lower emissions and make your home or building more resilient to climate change.

View the resources and tools

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