Case study four

Last updated: 15 March 2016

Case study four – how do I show compliance?

Example: three types of brick

A brick manufacturer takes different approaches to show compliance with Building Code clause E2: External moisture for each of its three products. There may be other Building Code clauses that the bricks need to demonstrate compliance with (such as B1: Structure or B2: Durability); however this case study will focus on E2.

The manufacturer’s products are:

  1. a standard clay brick
  2. a brick containing crushed glass
  3. a brick-style system with photovoltaic properties.

Brick One: Acceptable Solution

For its clay brick, the manufacturer shows that it can follow an Acceptable Solution to the Building Code.

The brick fully complies with the specifications defined in the Acceptable Solution for External moisture relating to weathertightness (E2/AS1). The manufacturer also supplies a product technical statement to outline compliance with the standards cited in E2/AS1 relating to brick systems.

The manufacturer supports its product with a website which provides information for designers, bricklayers and consumers.

Brick Two: alternative solution, with an independent assessment

For its brick containing crushed glass, the manufacturer has developed a slightly modified tie system.

The brick material and tie system do not totally comply with the standards cited in E2/AS1. Therefore, the manufacturer engages a chartered professional engineer with specialised knowledge of brick systems to assess its product technical statement.

The engineer has some initial concerns about strength and durability. However, they use the standard cited in E2/AS1 as a guide and makes use of test results provided by the manufacturer. From this, the engineer concludes that the brick’s performance is equivalent to an E2/AS1 compliant brick.

The engineer’s endorsement of the product technical statement is backed by a summary of their analysis.

Brick Three: alternative solution, with an appraisal and then product certification

The manufacturer’s third product is an innovative, brick-style system which acts as a photovoltaic system. This reduces a building’s reliance on external electricity.

This involves non-standard materials, a different tie system and different assembly method. The manufacturer therefore recognises that it may have difficulty getting market acceptance and proving Building Code compliance.

The manufacturer obtains an independent appraisal, for which performance metrics have to be developed and tested against. Extensive reference is also made to overseas standards that are being developed for similar systems.

The manufacturer then uses this appraisal as its main evidence base to apply for product certification.

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