Restricted building work in your MultiProof

Last updated: 21 March 2016

Your MultiProof may contain restricted building work. You need to provide all details of the work, including who has designed it.

Some building work for houses and small to medium-sized apartment buildings is classified as restricted building work. This type of work can only be done or supervised by a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP).

Restricted building work includes work or design related to:

  • the primary structure
  • the external moisture management system
  • fire-safety systems.

When you apply for a MultiProof you will need to include a certificate of design work from each design LBP involved in any part of the design classified as restricted building work.

You also need to provide these certificates if the design has been completed offshore.

The names of the design LBPs and the design work they are responsible for will be listed on the MultiProof certificate.

Restricted building work (RBW)

What is and isn’t restricted building work, and why you must use licensed people for some residential building projects.

Restricted building work (RBW)

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